Solo Key has a beta update for 1.1.0 available; update process ran fine for me on a non-Hacker key on Fedora 29

Switched some servers around a bit ago, so now my web server gets the highest-spec machine. My NAS previously had it for some reason.

Didn't realize how long ago I wrote notes for TrinityCore; had to re-factor a lot of things, but managed to get a 3.3.5 server up and running just to mess around on.

Deleted my RuneScape account, again. Spent way too much time with that game, but I'm pretty sure I'm done with it now.

Got a T9600 for my Lenovo T500 and it works perfectly. Pretty decent performance improvement, and was cheap too.

SD cards inserted on my T500 are read-only if the lock switch on the card is disabled, but if I enable the lock switch, the card is read/write. What an interesting issue...

Second hard drive failed in a used computer I got a little while back. Not certain how to narrow down the cause since the RAM and cables are fine, so I'll probably just decommission it.

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