Trying to copy and paste from code boxes with Google Chrome is one of the most frustrating things I've dealt with from a browser in a while. Guess I'll deal with it on other websites, but I had to install a plug-in on DokuWiki to make my own instance and notes actually usable.

Switched back to in-house hosting for my webserver, and also back to openSUSE TW for those fun, unattended rolling-release updates.

iOS 14 is out, so looks like it's time to DFU restore some devices

Trying out openSUSE Tumbleweed as my primary Linux distro again. So far everything is going great!

My house internet is down, so I managed to connect a wireless router, to another wireless router, to a wireless hotspot, and get slightly better speeds than what I was paying for.

Installed a graphite thermal pad for a R7 2700X and Wraith Prism cooler. Thermals are decent, if not slightly better than the ICD7 paste I was using. Overall, not having to worry about buying and replacing thermal paste and curing periods is fantastic!
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X230 is reassembled and works fine! Now to figure out Coreboot

Received a Lenovo X230 from a friend and managed to quickly put Skulls firmware onto it just to make sure it all works ok.

I disassembled it, cleaned it up, now I'm waiting for it to dry and then I'll compile my own build of Coreboot for it.

Working on moving my sites over to a VPS. I'm thinking it'll work out better to reduce electricity usage.

Updated the OpenWRT firmware on my router, and looked into blocking Google DNS since my Roku devices are hard-coded to use it. Did it, and now my TV uses my router's DNS (NextDNS), which has some nice blocklists applied to it. Nice to see a blank ad-spot on my Roku home screen now.

Got financial aid for the Google IT support course on Coursera!
Or so I thought :p I did receive the financial aid, but due to me not reading the conditions correctly, it was for a course I already completed... Looks like I'll have to re-apply for the correct course.

Got a knock-off 85w MagSafe charger recently, but it didn't work.

After a bit of research, it turns out you can use the MagSafe end on any DC output seemingly up to or around 20V. I found an old Acer gaming laptop charger I had (19V), chopped its barrel connector of, put the MagSafe wire on it, and it works nicely! Registers 85w under macOS, and seemingly handles ok under load.

Managed to figure out a seemingly perfect eGPU set-up with a MacBook! Will have to definitely write up a guide to this at some point.

Took my phone out of my pocket and noticed a nice hairline crack through the screen that came out of nowhere; guess it's time to order some parts!

Quick-fixed an overheating RPi3 with a piece of thermal tape and a 1977 penny; may have to order some tiny heatsinks in the future though

Managed to make a quick Copr for Mesa with Valve's ACO shader compiler:

Back to self-hosting Friendica; feels nice being back to a familiar PHP/MySQL stack
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