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I thought Logitech Gaming Software was deprecated years ago for G HUB, but it looks like it's still maintained with a recent build for Windows 11:

I've been running my servers on Linux for years and I'm mostly content with it, but I'm curious how Windows Server would do. Seems like nginx, PHP-FPM, and MariaDB are all available. I'll mess around with it on my desktop and see what's up, as I think the last time I used WS was back around 2007.

Forcing Zink system-wide surprisingly works fine with GNOME, and seems a little smoother even

Running RuneScape on Linux through Zink gives me better FPS than running it as-is through OpenGL. This is on Fedora 37 with a 6600 XT and Mesa 22.3.1.

Got Joomla and WordPress sites deployed, just have to do some customization now! With Joomla I prefer customizing Cassiopeia over T3 Purity.

TIL: How to handle multiple default-src in CSPs. Changed some configs around to also drop needless verbosity with tar in systemd scripts, and restoring SELinux context on files during monthly backups.

Server has been updated to Fedora 37, and this Friendica instance still works! Had to do a bit of dancing with SELinux for the daemon.

Got a force-feedback racing wheel again! I've missed driving around in VR with City Car Driving and ATS.

#AmericanTruckSimulator #CityCarDriving #virtualreality

RoE | Social is back, with Friendica fresh from develop! I have my deployment notes here: #friendica